Sunday, July 11, 2010

Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake was created so that no extra egg whites would go to waste. It is also thought that probably African American slaves from the south baked this cake because strong arms and lots of labor were needed to whip up all the egg whites. Here at Love and Life at Leadora, angel food cake has quite a bit of history too.

I figure that I've been baking angel food cakes for over 20 years. Angel food cake was my father's favorite cake. He would smile his big smile and make me feel like I was the best baker in the whole world whenever I made him an angel food cake. Little did I know that when I met MacGyver husband, it is his favorite cake too. In fact, when he was a little boy, his mother made a huge mistake and bought him a store bought cake for his birthday. When he saw the cake, he pulled a big fuss and when upstairs to his room. In the meantime,she quickly made an angel food cake to replace that store bought one. Never again would he be without an angel food cake for his birthday.

Besides birthdays, I have made angel food cakes for other events as well. I remember making several for our engagement party when our two extended families met for the first time. I also remember a long time ago getting so mad at MacGyver husband that I threatened not to make an angel food cake for an event, and I don't think that I did.

Angel food cakes are easy to make. You basically need a dozen egg whites, sugar, cake flour and almond extract. Yes, I could go to the store and buy one of those perfect angel food cakes in the plastic tube pans. However, a store bought cake isn't nearly as delicious, and the memories of this special homemade angel food cake are even better.


  1. You make the best Angel food cake fact, everything you make is delicious!

  2. ummm... my mom made angel food cake and we "slopped" fruit compote on it...