Sunday, September 26, 2010

Field Trip

On Friday, my friend and I took a field trip to Tai Pan Trading.  This home decor store began as a wholesale floral supply, but today one can also find kitchen items, furniture, outdoor ornaments, seasonal items,  decorating accessories, and, for whatever reason, purses. 

The vignettes and tablescapes at Tai Pan Trading are stunning.  Silk flower arrangements at Love and Life at Leadora seemed to be dust magnets, but if I needed flowers I would definitely skip Michaels and come to Tai Pan Trading.  Some items are priced moderately whereas others are a bit beyond my budget.  That's no surprise, since  I seem to have real talent  for picking out the most expensive items!  However, we had fun, and the store is filled with great inspiration!


  1. Oh! This place looks soon as things settle down I would love to go there. I really like the picture of you ourside the store. So cute! You come by your expensive taste must be genetic.(-:

  2. Ok- so much to say! First of all, it looks like your trip to Tai Pan was lots of fun. I love that store too, but I'm with you- I go there mostly for inspiration! And I'm totally laughing cause I've always wondered, too, why they sell purses! Haha! Also, your new Zuchinni recipe looked amazing, those cupcakes look too yummy for my own good, and the white board idea- genius!! I'm going to have to impliment that in my own home for sure. Also, thanks for the info about your camera, it is good food for thought. Hopefully one of these days soon I'll have better pictures on my blog!

  3. I've never heard of this store! is there only one or is it a chain?
    I know what you mean about "dust magnets" - I only have a few fake / artificial plants - but I much rather have roses from thd garden or purchase some from Trader Joes....

  4. Tai Pan Trading has some stores in Utah. The store I went to is in Rancho Cucamonga. I think that one is opening in Costa Mesa as well.