Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday


  1. What a cozy corner! I can see myself curled up with a book in that chair!

    Happy Wednesday to you, Heather!

  2. Oh, me too! Can you fix us some tea to also enjoy? What a special place to have some "me" time...
    Happy Wednesday,

  3. How nice...looks very welcoming, in fact I think I have actually sat in that looks awfully familiar.(-: Like you collect of whiteware in the cabinet.

  4. What a wonderful picture! Looks like a very nice corner for reading ~Have a Beautiful Day ~Love Heather

  5. I'm packing up my office and ready to head home. Your chair looks so cozy. I hope your Wednesday was super.

  6. What a comfy corner to sit and relax... love the library cabinet!

  7. How beautiful! Picture perfect of a cozy spot. And I'm obsessing over your Valentine decor! Oh how I love your red dishes and sweet touches of vintage Valentines!

  8. Happy Wednesday to you too Heather. I just love this cozy nook you've shared today. Makes me want to gather up all the gardening books, grab a cold Pepsi and settle in for some serious garden dreaming.

    p.s. the fabric on your pillow is AMAZING!

  9. Thanks so much for visiting me and commenting on my paper roses wreath, Heather!

    I say go ahead and make one! Just know it will take time to make all the rose florettes, so plan accordingly!

    You have a lovely blog and I'd like to see more, so I am a new follower!

    I adore what you've done with the your law bookcase! Lovely vignette! Such a wonderful place to sit, read, and ponder!